Competition Results

There are several different types of competition within the Texas Future Problem Solving Program.  Students compete in Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving, Scenario Writing, Scenario Performance, Novice, Presentation of Action Plan and Most Futuristic Solution and Innovation Awards.

State Bowl

The Annual Texas FPSP State Bowl was held the in April each year.  It represents the top FPS students in the state and these students have the opportunity to compete for the highest honors in the state program as well as a slot to compete at the international conference.

International Conference

The Future Problem Solving International (FPSPI) Conference is held at the beginning of June each year.   Check out the topic information on the FPSPI Website (click here).

To attend the international conference individuals and teams must place in the top of their category at the Texas FPSP State Bowl.  The competitors at the International level represent the top 1% of teams from around the world.

Texas is one of the largest affiliates in FPSPI network and is able to send over 25 individuals and teams, representing unique public, private and charter schools from across the state to the FPSPI Conference.