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Mission: Texas Future Problem Solving Program’s mission is to prepare students 4-12th grade to be successful leaders through problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and communication strategies.

Registration for 2021-2022 Texas FPS is NOW OPEN!

This year, Texas FPS will be using FPS Online to register, compete/submit competition entries, and evaluate for all FPS Competitions. This is great news as it will create portals for coaches to access evaluations, competition booklets and easily organize students. Below are links to a how-to video and an instruction document on how to register as a coach and for the competitions on FPS Online System.

Once you register, additional instructions will be provided on how to set up your coach view as well as your students in FPS Online. Please register early (by Sept 17th if possible) so that you have time to set up your portal before your first competition!

Registration Portal: https://fpsonline.org/coaches/coach_register.php
Video and Register Instruction Doc are linked in buttons below and also available at: https://txfpsp.org/registration/register/

We are excited for this year of FPS! For more information regarding our competitions and schedule of events, go to: https://txfpsp.org/registration/feesdeadlines/

2021 International Conference: Texas Results

Texas students competed against other FPS students from around the world the week of June 7th. We are excited to highlight those students from Texas that placed in the top students in the world for their problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills!

For 2021 List of International Competition Results: Click Here for Results

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